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In 2011, the Olsen sisters (Olsen Twins) Ashley - Olsen and Mary - Kate - Olsen teamed to create a personal brand with TOMS Shoes, fundraising for poor children. It is reported that in 2014 , the Olsen sisters already have , including Row brand shoes and other fashion and product lines. The collaboration with TOMS, they hope to serve more children's charity fundraiser, and then appealed to the social concerns of survival and education of poor children cases.

"We are very pleased to partner with Toms shoes, each pair of shoes sold, the children will be able to get a pair of free shoes - tiny toms shoes or youth toms shoes, customers also have the opportunity to take back to the community ." Ashley - Olsen said . Kate - Olsen made a similar love of the Declaration , "dedicated to this matter very immediate sense , I hope more people can join the ranks of love to pass , and rescue more children living in poverty .'
Blake (Blake Mycoskie) founded in 2006 TOMS Shoes , has always insisted on selling a pair of TOMS shoes , they donate a pair of shoes, love charity , and many times with influential celebrities love shoes joint development charity , relief of poverty around the world children.


My paranoid of Toms Shoes 

Recently,my friend and I lit the flame of love to a kind of shoes which look like a monk shoes/ballet shoes. That is TOMS shoes.

In fact, my friends and I are not the people who love to follow suit, and sometimes even deliberately avoid the popular things. So even though I've seen American classmates wear pairs of TOMS Canvas Classics shoes, I do not tempted - after all, really a bit like nuns shoes, I do not want to become a monk. On one occasion, I went to Mexico to do volunteer, after getting off work, we shade in the courtyard, a guy from Indiana State in the group angle wore a pair of blue TOMS shoes stand out - people began to ask. The guy said, these shoes are comfortable outrageous, do not wear foot, and every time you buy a pair, they will send a new pair of shoes to African children.

Such a good thing ? But no computer in Mexico, or at least everyone will immediately go on the web to see the information. Results of our volunteers back to the U.S. to finish, also forgot about it.

Suddenly one day, I saw a American guy wearing a pair of TOMS, dressed simply generous, very, very good temperament. Then so clever, and students discussed his TOMS shoes - buy one get one. I visited TOMS website with my friend , the last, man - a pair. And because my feet very small, I also bought toms tiny shoe sizes.

I, after the sparkly toms cheap, bought a yellow toms shoes - not only wild, but is really very comfortable! Gotta be more critical, TOMS shoes will send each side with a small blue and white flag or a shoe bag, and a sticker with the money, but occasional bracelet or send a letter, feel good.

Contents of the letter is roughly: Dear friends, last year, when we put new shoes to children in Africa, they were very happy. One child put a similar style bracelet set on my wrist, I've been wearing today . Now I put the bracelet to you, you proud to wear it, because you make more children wore new shoes. I hope you feel the joy you bring to them . Thank you.



More Fashion & More Comfortable - Toms Shoes

Candy colors, canvas, flat, which are the greatest features of the popular TOMS shoes.Its appearance insteads of the previous quarter and the same period last year the popular UGG and the hole shoes, and become the trend product in spring and summer transfer period.

Toms Shoes can mix any pants. Pencil pants, Harrow pants, shorts, pants, pant and so can be used as the best match, it is even suitable for summer with no socks. Canvas uppers and soft leather pad, durable rubber sole ...... because of its comfort, Toms shoes are the European and American star 's favorite. Shoes such as boat, toe is the America style. As the designer's inspiration comes from the local traditional Argentine shoes, shoes are very special, like a leaf boat, the toe style with wrinkles, American style. In addition to canvas fabric, it is the most unique place is designed with leather insole, non-slip flat, like canvas shoes that even rain wear is also very suitable.

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